SFDGC’s 2017 Bag Tag Challenge Artwork

SFDGC BTC 10x Logo by Todd Kurnat

The San Francisco Disc Golf Club’s celebrates ten years of fun and fundraising with the Bag Tag Challenge.

When I first became a member of the SFDGC in 2007, one of the questions asked on the form was “what skills can I contribute to the club as a volunteer?”. I naturally wrote down graphic design as one of those skills. Little did I know that over the next 10 years I would become a go-to golfer for SFDGC artwork.

My very first design for the club was a hot stamp for the 2008 San Francisco Safari featuring a red tail hawk in flight. They are very common in Golden Gate Park, especially around the course. It wasn’t until the following year that I would get a crack at designing our club’s bag tag. This also a featured a red tail hawk in flight. I was quite pleased with the 2009 bag tag and to this day it’s still one of my favorites. However, I had bigger visions and goals for the artwork to come. I really wanted to combine the organic feel of hand-drawn, illustrations and tight typography. At the time, I wasn’t drawing much and didn’t have the confidence in my illustration skills to pull off many of the concepts in my head. Year after year, as I continued to get tapped to create artwork for the club, I was able to push myself to develop this combo.

Tk drawing the 10x BTC illustration.

Fast forward to 2017 and this year’s event. My concept for the Ten Year Anniversary Bag Tag Challenge Logo features flora (commonly found in Golden Gate Park) growing from and around a roman numeral ten. Our disc golf roots are deep in the park now and I really wanted represent this visually. You could also say that it plays on the growth of the sport.

SFDGC BTC 2017 Hot Stamp

After a quick thumbnail sketch, I knew the concept was going to work out so I jumped right into gathering source material for the illustration. It all came together quickly. Once the event logo was completed it was then be applied to the bag tag, disc and t-shirt design. As an added bonus to the t-shirt design, I put the 9 previous years of tags on the back (seven of which I designed).

SFDGC BTC 2017 Sketch

SFDGC BTC 2017 Bag Tag

Looking back on the past ten years of BTC artwork, this is one of my favorite designs to date. It combines my illustration, design and creative direction with a solid concept. As I reflect on this design, one of the things I enjoy most about creating artwork for the club is the artistic freedom. This wouldn’t be made possible without having full support from the club. Thanks to the SFDGC for once again having faith in my visions.

SFDGC BTC 2017 T-shirt Front

SFDGC BTC 2017 T-shirt Back

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